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Apr 3

PROP’s Partner for April is Big Brothers Big Sisters!

That’s right, this month we are supporting one of the most successful branches of this organization!  They partner “littles” with a “big” to form a lasting, touching relationship that builds children up so that they are less likely to become pregnant, bully, skip school, perform less in school, etc. 

“This year, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas volunteers will provide 90,000 hours of mentoring to 1,500 Little Brothers and Sisters; the value of this time is nearly $2 million! Even more impressively, last year more than 97 percent of Central Texas Little Brothers and Sisters stayed in school, improved their grades and avoided early parenting.

The Central Texas agency is ranked in the top 5 percent in the nation for program quality (out of almost 400 BBBS agencies), and the 2009 National Big Brother of the Year, both the 2010 Texas Big Brother and Big Sister of the Year and the 2011 Texas Big Brother of the Year were from Central Texas. Most recently, CJ Legare and Tri Dang were both names Texas Bigs of the Year for 2013!”

 EcoClean, Austin’s best dry-cleaner’s, is going to donate 5% of our incoming Wednesday revenue to the organization for the month of April!  Bring your clothing in on those hump-days to make giving back to your local community an easy part of your errands!

Mar 24

Friendly, green home-cleaning service!

We get quite a few calls from people asking us to clean their homes-unfortnately we here at EcoClean only process garments/household items, not the house itself!

There is a small, locally owned cleaning business called Hummingbird EcoCleaning!  The owner is very sweet and stays away from chlorine-, ammonia-, and phosphate-filled products.

Consider checking out her website and shoot an email or ring their number for a consult on their green-cleaning!

Keep everything in your home as green as possible, not just the clothes on your backs!

Mar 18

EcoClean uses green energy!

Dirty_Business     Were you aware that this green dry-cleaners uses green energy for our storefronts as well as production?!?  We participate in Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® to harness wind, solar & methane-gas (from landfills) energy and step away from dependence on non-sustainable energy!  
This friday, join others for a free screening of “Dirty Business” at Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin.  See more info here.


Mar 14

Austin nabs incredibly low price on solar energy!

Read more here!

The city is purchasing the energy for 5 cents/kw which could mean lower costs for customers!  

The sooner we start harnessing the free energy of the sun, the better!  This is something us green dry-cleaners can get behind!

Mar 10

SXSW – There’s fashion, too!

It’s that time of the year again and Austin is abuzz with people visiting from all over the world for this jam-packed event!

Want to attend some panels/events on fashion?  Look no further!

There’s something about moving the importance back to brands being manufactured here in the USA, as well as a showcase for innovative, wearable technology!

After running about in your awesome outfits, come in to the best cleaning service in town to have them freshened up for your next outing! 

Mar 4

Old perc spill at county jail in North Carolina

A dry-cleaning chemical called perc (which is what most traditional cleaners are utilizing) had an accidental spill at a county jail, whereafter they sent 20 inmates who were being housed a floor above the spill to the hospital, regardless of if they felt ill or not.  

The machine was supposed to be empty as of 16 years ago, but when disconnected the liquid seeped out.   It’s very telling that something labeled as being empty in 1998 still harbored the toxic fluid.  This stuff is icky with a capital “ICK”.   Also telling that they sent all those inmates in immediately!

Read a bit more detail here.


Feb 28

March’s PROPS Partner is Austin Zoo!

Allow us to introduce you to our wonderful new friends and Props Partners at Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.  Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is currently home to over 300 animals which were once in need of rescue or rehabilitation, and it is their continuing commitment to provide a safe, healthy habitat and excellent care for each animal for the rest of its days.  With its beautiful setting in the Texas Hill Country, a unique approach to educating visitors and outstanding care for all of its residents, Austin Zoo truly is a sanctuary for animals and Austinites alike- we hope you will come and support them!  Ecoclean will proudly donate five percent of profits from every garment dropped off on a Wednesday in the month of March to Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.

Feb 28

Do you love SXSW? Do you love reducing waste and creating art?!?

This Austin dry-cleaning alternative loves the sound of all that!

SpinFish Event Waste DiversionSXSW works with Spinfish in order to reduce their waste.  The organization’s goal is to reduce event-waste by 90%!  That is one awesome goal!

Might you be able to use some of these materials?  They include: cardboard (large sheets, boxes, tubes), vinyl-banners, foam-core, promo-gifts and wood pallets. 
All you have to do is email Spinfish in order to inquire about picking up these materials after SX is all said and done.  

If you want FIRST DIBS on these materials, you’ll want to volunteer!  You will help sort and organize in three-hour shifts between 8am-8pm on March 12th, 13th and 14th. 
Again, just shoot them an email to reserve a spot! 


Feb 24

Springtime fashion is here!

Green dry cleaning isn’t the only trend in our fair city; the weather is getting warmer and it’s time to start thinking about spring and summer fashion!  We are stoked about what hit the runways this season…we hope you will be, too!  Here are a few shopping tips from your friendly, local cleaners:

Be-dazzling!  Jewels, jewels, jewels are in!!  Grab some gorgeous, gem-embellished garments and flaunt that bling.

Slip into Something Beautiful!  Simple, grunge-era slip dresses are back!  And we love ‘em because they are oh-so-cool under that hot, Texas sun.

Beauty With an Edge!  You don’t have to frequent bike night at Doc’s to rock a biker jacket this season- look for one in a fun, feminine color and feel free to cruise, no matter what your ride is!  Remember, make it faux-leather so that EcoClean will be able to clean it!

Where can you buy edgy, unique items locally in Austin?  We’ll link ya to it!

Feb 21

Wet-cleaning symbol on care labels?


           California has been working to ban “perc” from use by the year 2023.  Environmental activists have been working to gain more ground in reducing the use of dry cleaning by pressuring the Federal Trade Commission to include professional wet-cleaning to the care labels.  Because wet-cleaning is a newer process with specialized machinery, it can be a bit expensive for a cleaners to make the switch, which is why the FTC is a bit hesitant, they would want more people to have access to a reputable wet-cleaners.  But, this option will open up consumers to feel more comfortable taking their clothing in to be wet-cleaned instead of dry-cleaned, since there can be some hesitancy when the label only says dry-clean.   Please follow the link below for more information!