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Dry cleaners in Austin have it all wrong. Wet cleaning is the way to go.

Sometimes people worry when they see “wet cleaning” on their drop-off ticket. Never fear! Our wet cleaning process is actually better for your garments than dry cleaning. We can clean 99% of dry clean only garments and it's safer for your body, your house, our community and our planet than the toxic chemicals that dry cleaning uses. Stop dry cleaning Austin! Give wet cleaning a try. Read more

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EcoClean is a full-service Austin dry cleaner.
We offer the following range of services:


A Healthier Way

You buy organic food, but how natural is your dry cleaning? Most dry cleaners are still using industrial solvents to clean your clothes. Yikes! EcoClean’s non-toxic method cleans dry-clean-only garments using biodegradable soaps, conditioners, and pure, clean water.

Better For Austin & The Planet

Have you ever wondered what the heck DRYCLEANING is? It means cleaning clothes in chlorinated petroleum solvents, chemicals that pollute our air, water and soil. For many cleaners Austin is just where they do business. For the rest of us, it is where we live. EcoClean is Austin’s most environmentally sustainable choice for cleaning dry-clean-only garments.

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EcoClean provides FREE dry cleaning delivery service for our eco-friendly dry cleaning throughout Austin. Service available Monday through Friday with two business day turnaround. Are there dry cleaners near me? You bet, EcoClean is available at your front door!

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