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May 31

June 2012 PROPS Partner: Colorado River Foundation


A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday cruising the cool waters of lake Austin with my friends in a boat. Out there on the water I was struck by how little the river had changed since I was 17 and doing the very same thing… cruising Lake Austin. Sure there are more boats and houses and they are bigger and fancier, but the water, the water seemed ageless. It is still as cool and clear and inviting as ever.

It’s no stroke of luck that the Colorado River and its six lakes are as clean and beautiful as they are. It is the hard work of individuals and organizations who make it their business every day to protect the river. This month EcoClean recognizes THE COLORADO RIVER FOUNDATION for promoting educational awareness, appreciation, and stewardship of the Colorado River. CRF raises funds to support natural science education, outdoor recreation programs, annual river cleanups, and community projects that keep the public engaged in the important work of appreciating and protecting our beautiful river.

EcoClean customers have the opportunity every Wednesday in June to support CRF’s mission and programs by bringing in their laundry to be cleaned… it’s a win win! We’ll give 5% of sales on the Wednesdays in June directly to CRF. The more you clean, the more we give!!

The next time you dive into Lake Travis, rent a paddle board on Lady Bird, or enjoy the sunset at Hula Hut, try to imagine Austin without the Colorado River… it just wouldn’t be the same. Thank you CRF. EcoClean shares your vision of a clean, abundant, accessible and healthy Colorado River for generations to come.

May 23

Your Dry Cleaning Could be the New Carcinogen in Your Life

We were not kidding when we said that PERC- the harmful chemical that “85% of U.S commercial dry cleaners use” is bad for you. Still don’t believe us? Go look at the final health assessment The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released on PERC, or the chemical also known as tetrachloroethylene. The one thing that pops out to everyone who reads the report is that perc is now a “likely” carcinogen. This is not good news to anyone who uses traditional dry cleaners to clean their clothes, or for anyone on the planet for that matter.

The EPA has noted that their investigations on the perc chemical was extensive and elaborate, especially regarding their research on the chemical’s potential to cause cancer. In their study, they found rats and mice to develop various types of cancer when they inhaled or ingested the perc chemical. The agency also conducted studies on various workers in the laundry and dry cleaning industry and found that “perc exposure is associated with elevated risks of certain types of cancer.” This new characteristic of perc is not something to dismiss if you go to a traditional commercial dry cleaner because odds are, they are using this dangerous chemical on your clothes!

At EcoClean, we’re different from traditional drycleaners. We are PERC FREE because we like to clean your clothes in the best way we can.  It is healthier for you, your clothes, and the planet! We want everyone in our community to be healthier and smarter when they choose who does their dry cleaning. At EcoClean, we choose to clean your clothes without using any trace of the carcinogen through a process called wet cleaning. Wet cleaning simply eliminates the entire risk of perc contaminating groundwater. Wet cleaning is also better for your clothes as well as more energy efficient than traditional dry cleaning methods. Why choose to clean your clothes with perc when there are healthier and safer methods to get the job done?

May 3

EcoClean Loves Austin Pets Alive


Ecoclean loves Austin Pets Alive! …and we are not alone. Our PROPS Partner this month has quickly become the darling of Austin’s ever growing population of cat and dog lovers.

APA! has played a critical role in bringing Austin the title of highest-rated no-kill city in the country.  That means we are the safest city in America for domestic dogs and cats… that’s pretty cool. Thanks to the vision of Executive Director Dr. Ellen Jefferson, the staff, and thousands of passionate volunteers, APA has saved the lives of over 5000 animals in just the past year alone.  Their efforts are focused almost entirely on animals placed on local Animal Centers’ euthanasia lists.  APA!’s main strategies include marketing and consumer education on adoption that directly impact the no-kill rate.  Expanding beyond the city limits to spread the no-kill status to all of Central Texas is their next objective and they’ll need all the help they can get. 

As our PROPS partner this month, APA will receive 5% of our revenue every Wednesday in May. We are proud to support these fine activists in their efforts to ensure safe and loving homes for Austin’s cutest residents.  So come on in pet lovers and make a difference for Austin Pets Alive.

Thank you, APA! for all that you do for our furry friends!

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