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Jul 23

Live Without Those Everywhere Toxins!


As a parent, you’re going to always be on the lookout for what is and what isn’t good for your kids. It’s your duty to keep your children protected from life’s everyday dangers.  The exposure to toxins is very hard to completely eliminate out of our lives these days, but as a parent, you can take action and lessen the amount that goes into your children’s bodies. Imus Deirdre, from Fox News, knows how to keep her child safe from an array of known toxins. Lucky for us, she shared some tips in her article, Protecting Your Children from Everyday Toxins, so that you can protect your children too. 

One tip that Deirdre noted in her article was that at a regular dry cleaner, “clothes are washed with a solvent called perchloroethylene, which the EPA considers a health and environmental hazard.” Deirdre advised that you should “locate a dry cleaners shop in your neighborhood that uses greener methods like wet cleaning.” At EcoClean, we eliminate the perc carcinogen completely in our cleaning processes. We’re here because we want to allow you and your family to be healthier and to live in a safer environment.

Read the rest of Deirdre’s tips on protecting your child to see what else you can do to eliminate some dangers out of you and your family’s lives. Deirdre’s advice, “knowledge is power—arm yourself for the journey, and know you’re doing everything possible to keep safe the ones you love.”

Taylor Eickenhorst



Jul 13

Stain Stain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day!

With all this rain happening around town, a familiar song popped into my head that I use to sing with my brothers every time it rained outside. I started to sing it Tuesday night on my balcony as I watched the storm and thought, “Well wouldn’t it be nice if we could have all STAINS on our clothes go away too?”

If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, then you’re in luck because I’ve made a list of the best stain removing tips for you all! I thought we should let you in on some of our expertise when it comes to getting those stubborn stains out. One thing EcoClean is known for in Austin is getting the toughest of stains out of your clothes, rugs, bedding, drapery, and well, pretty much anything we can fit in our store! If you ever can’t get a tough stain out, bring it to EcoClean and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Stain Removal & Garment Care Tips 

  1. Don’t apply heat such as ironing or drying to any stains. This will make the stains set even further into the material and will become even harder to get out.
  2. Blot away as you may! Don’t damage your clothes by trying to remove stains by rubbing or scrubbing them gone. Blot the stain gently. Don’t forget to put a clean cloth on the back side of the fabric so the stain doesn’t soak through.
  3. The sun isn’t good for your skin and it isn’t good for your clothes skin either! The sun can actually damage and fade your clothes with prolonged exposure to the strong UV Rays.
  4. Give them some air! Storing clothes in plastic bags also damages your clothing. Your clothes wanna breathe just like you do too!
  5. Keep it all together! Wash white with whites and darks with darks. Don’t clean your son’s red baseball uniform and white pants together unless your want him to be sporting pretty pink for the rest of the season!
  6. If you’re going to wash your clothes all the time, you better be washing your hands all the time too! Your hands are an easy method for oils to get on your clothes and to then later discolor them.
  7. To have the best chance of getting the stain out, your best bet is to keep the stain wet and to bring it over to us as soon as you can so we can wet clean that sucker gone!

If you don’t know what to do about a particular stain, Call Us at 512-236-8645 and we will be happy to give you our best advice!

By: Taylor Eickenhorst

Jul 5

July PROPS Partner: KOOP

It was so hot last week that my kids wanted to try the egg on the sidewalk test – must be July.  Our July PROPS partner is cooler than cool though. Check this out:

KOOP Radio!  I am so loving this PROPS thing.  I am getting to meet some pretty great people.  Last week I met Leah Manners –development director for KOOP—at Spider House for coffee.  She is such a chill and gracious spokesperson for this amazing organization.  She really opened my eyes to the depth of programming happening at 91.7 these days! Of course I was no stranger to Shades of Green, the Thursday sustainability conversation, and like most Austinites I have stumbled across and settled into a little Saturday Lounge or Sunday Jamaican Gold in my time, …but HOLY  COW have you checked out KOOPs complete schedule lately?  I could only shake my head in shame…. and I haven’t touched the dial since.

 This month EcoClean salutes KOOP Radio and their mission to support social justice through diverse programming that deals with local issues and by providing airwave access to typically under-represented communities.

Operating at 91.7 MHz, KOOP airs over 80 locally produced programs every week with  awesome names like Hallucination Guillotine, Jurassic Pork, Cavity Time, Miss Kitty’s 3 O’Clock Body Rock, Stronger Than Dirt, and The Elk Mating Ritual Show.

KOOP is owned and operated by its members in a cooperative structure, and any member of the community can join and potentially produce their own radio program (KOOP provides the training and the facilities). More than 75% of KOOP’s budget comes from donations and memberships of individual and business supporters in our community.

SOOOO, let’s give a little shall we?  You guys know the rules. 

1)    Come in to EcoClean on any Wednesday in July (no we are not open on July 4th and no you were not EVEN thinking about running errands on July fourth anyway because that would mean you are boring).

2)    Bring as much laundry as you can possibly afford to have cleaned. 

3)    We clean it. You pay for it.

4)    We give 5% of your bill directly to KOOP.

PROPS to you KOOP.  You really do make Austin cool.

Jul 3

A Mother Must-Read


I came across an Austin newsletter today by Hatch Baby Planners and was thrilled to read about EcoClean, the newsletter’s June featured partner! Hatch Baby Planners were curious about our unique way of dry cleaning, which we call “wet cleaning”. They pointed out a crucial bit of information that every mother should listen to and recognize; clothes that are dry cleaned at traditional cleaners can emit the perc toxin into your bodies and even into the air of your homes. This harmful chemical that traditional cleaners use every day can be transferred to your precious infants through breast feeding and other mother-child interactions. Do you really want to put your family at risk or to have them breathe in this unnatural carcinogen into their bodies? Of course you don’t; this is why it is especially important for all mothers and families to realize that the place you choose to dry clean your clothes at doesn’t only put yourself in danger, but puts your family at risk as well.

EcoClean does not use this harmful perc toxin which leads to a safe and healthy clean. You’ll no longer detect that lingering “dry cleaning smell” which is actually the toxic chemical that your little ones are being exposed to. Thanks to our process of wet cleaning, you and your children won’t be harmed from your clothes. We care about our customers and the people of Austin so we are constantly striving to always keep your clothes clean, and you and your families safe and healthy.

Be sure to check out us out as Hatch’s Baby Planners featured partner in their June Newsletter! This is a great monthly newsletter for all moms in Austin to read!

By: Taylor Eickenhorst


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