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Friendly, green home-cleaning service!

We get quite a few calls from people asking us to clean their homes-unfortnately we here at EcoClean only process garments/household items, not the house itself! There is a small, locally owned cleaning business called Hummingbird EcoCleaning!  The owner is very sweet and stays away from chlorine-, ammonia-, and phosphate-filled products. Consider checking out her website […]

EcoClean uses green energy!

     Were you aware that this green dry-cleaners uses green energy for our storefronts as well as production?!?  We participate in Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® to harness wind, solar & methane-gas (from landfills) energy and step away from dependence on non-sustainable energy!  This friday, join others for a free screening of “Dirty Business” at Unitarian Universalist Church of […]

SXSW – There’s fashion, too!

It’s that time of the year again and Austin is abuzz with people visiting from all over the world for this jam-packed event! Want to attend some panels/events on fashion?  Look no further! There’s something about moving the importance back to brands being manufactured here in the USA, as well as a showcase for innovative, […]

Old perc spill at county jail in North Carolina

A dry-cleaning chemical called perc (which is what most traditional cleaners are utilizing) had an accidental spill at a county jail, whereafter they sent 20 inmates who were being housed a floor above the spill to the hospital, regardless of if they felt ill or not.   The machine was supposed to be empty as […]