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Here’s to a Toxin Free New Year

We are excited to be partnering with Austin UltraHealth this month.  Like EcoClean, nutritionist Brianne Herman and Dr. Amy Myers believe deeply that one of the most important things we can do to achieve optimal health is to rid our bodies and environments of toxins.  Below is a guest blog describing their exciting New Year guided cleanse, The Myers Way.

New Year, New You!


Written by: Amy Myers, MD

 Everyone is cleansing for the New Year but what’s all the hype about?!  In my practice, Austin UltraHealth, I have all my patients go through a dietary-based cleanse as part of their treatment.  The Myers Way is a 21-Day Cleanse, Detox and Diet that rids the body of toxins and inflammation to promote healing and optimal health.  Eighty percent of the healing that happens in my clinic comes from following The Myers Way, which is based on the tenets of Functional Medicine.  This emerging field of science-based medicine treats the root causes of disease, not just the symptoms, and treats the whole body as one brilliant and complex interconnected system (a radically different approach than our current, specialty-based medical system provides).  I have condensed the science into a simple, step-by-step, dietary program that can be done by anyone—singles, couples, groups of friends supporting each other, or an entire family looking to make a change towards better health, including children over the age of two. (Note that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your physician before beginning this program.)  My nutritionist, Brianne Herman, RD, LD walks all of my patients through The Myers Way as they take steps towards their healing and taking control of their health.   


We want to share this life changing program with you! 

For the New Year Brianne is offering Guided Cleanses which include:

 The Myers Way eBook

 2 personalized coaching sessions

 2 community conference calls

 free email support


5 Reasons to Cleanse:


  • To rid your body of toxins and inflammation.  Tossing the ‘bad’ foods and enjoyed the ‘good’ foods helps your body feel and function at the high level that you are naturally designed to feel and function.
  • To resolve chronic conditions.  Many of our patients find complete resolution of IBS, seasonal allergies, fatigue, mood and hormonal imbalance by following this dietary-based program.
  • To achieve your ideal weight.  When our bodies are burdened with toxic and inflammatory foods it is very difficult (likely impossible!) to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • To discover hidden food sensitivities.  Certain foods may be the cause of your everyday ailments or barriers to optimal health. 
  • To prevent disease.  When you can identify our triggers of inflammation you can eliminate them, allowing your bodies to function at an optimal level and reduce the risk of chronic disease. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

#1 How can The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse help me?

This dietary-based guide can help you with:

-Weight Loss

-Cedar Fever


-Mental clarity

-Improving energy, sleep and mood



-Autoimmune thyroid

-Chronic fatigue


-Hormone imbalances

-Inflammatory bowel disease

-Preventing disease

-Rheumatoid arthritis

-Seasonal allergies 

#2 How can The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse help me if I am not sick?

The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse helps you get to a state of optimal health. Even if you are not suffering from a sickness or ailment, the cleansing and detoxifying promoted by the presence of nutrient-packed whole foods along with high-quality supplements and the absence of certain foods allows your body to function efficiently. Discovering food sensitivities can allow you to remove foods that may be causing subtle symptoms and provide an avenue for disease prevention. Some people had no idea that they were not at their optimal health until going through The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse and experiencing what UltraHealth can feel like!

#3 Will I be hungry?

Nope!  The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse includes an abundance of whole foods including vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts and seeds.  There are over 60 delicious recipes to fill your stomach and leave you full and content. 

#4 Do I need to take supplements?

We do highly recommend certain supplements at the beginning of your healthy journey but they are not required.  We have created a supplement package to support your body even further as you enjoy the whole foods included on The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse and exclude the toxic and inflammatory foods. Our supplements package consists of a high-quality probiotic to help support your gut health and immune system with good bacteria, a protein powder with detox support as your body cleanses, L-glutamine for intestinal function, enzymes to support your digestion, and omega-3 fish oils for essential fatty acids and overall wellness. Visit our UltraHealth Shop for more details.

#5 Is The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse safe for children?

Yes! Children over the age of two are encouraged to follow The Myers Way 21-Day Guided Cleanse along with the entire family. Our program is designed for people in most stages of life. At Austin UltraHealth we have patients between 2 and 82 years old that have followed The Myers Way.  Please consult your primary care physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before beginning the program. 

The Myers Way: 21-Day Guided Cleanse

with our Nutritionist, Brianne Herman, RD


Doctor Designed & Nutritionist Approved