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6 Reasons to Use a Drop-Off Laundry Service

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Laundry can be an overwhelming errand for many, especially for those with big families that have piles of dirty clothes that need a clean. Give yourself a break from sorting and cleaning and consider using EcoClean’s drop-off laundry service. Our laundry team uses their expertise to thoroughly clean your clothing and household linens so you can focus on what matters most to you. Switching to a drop-off service is a great laundry solution for families and individuals alike, and we’ve got a few reasons why.



      1. Convenient Cleaning

EcoClean is your one-stop dry cleaning shop to make laundry day effortless. Rather than having to take your laundry across town to different specialty cleaners, we can cover all laundry bases. In addition to clothing, we can wash and fold sheets, bedspreads, blankets, comforters, and drapes. 


Our team makes it incredibly easy for you– simply drop off your soiled items to one of our four locations and let us do the cleaning, pressing, and folding for you. It’s that simple! Once ready for pick-up we’ll alert you with a text and you can collect your freshly cleaned items at your convenience. Each order is expertly washed, folded, packaged, and ready to go.


      2. Support Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Consider supporting the environment by using one of the most eco-friendly dry cleaning methods there is- wet cleaning! Wet cleaning is an eco-conscious approach to laundry that has less of an impact on the environment than at-home washing or traditional dry cleaning. Wet cleaning machines are extremely efficient and resourceful, using a precise mix of water and gentle detergents that doesn’t waste a drop. Wet cleaning soaps are even milder than at-home detergents for a clean, conscientious wash. No harmful chemicals here!


       3. Save Time

Take back your time with EcoClean’s drop-off laundry service. With our easy to use drop-off system, you don’t have to sacrifice your time for great quality laundering. Instead of spending precious hours each month on laundry, let our experts take on the load for you. Simply drop off your laundry at your convenience then pick it up when you’re ready. We accommodate your schedule to get your laundry done how you want it, when you need it.


      4. Wash and Fold Services

Not only does our drop-off service provide you with clean, fresh-smelling clothing, it also includes a premier wash and fold service. Our cleaners neatly fold, press, and hand finish your garments, so they’re ready to wear or go straight into the closet right from pick up. 


      5. High-Quality Cleaning

As the experts in dry cleaning, we have access and knowledge to the very best practices in the business. Dry cleaning is our bread and butter, and we use only the best detergents and cleaning methods to deliver excellent cleaning to our customers. Our dry cleaners use the highest quality, non-toxic detergents, along with state-of-the-art dry cleaning machinery. Our machines are highly programmable to best clean your items and wash them to their exact specifications to lengthen their life span and prevent any shrinkage or damage. Additionally, all of our locations offer stain-treatments so we can thoroughly clean and spot treat your items to bring them back to new.


       6. Quick Turnaround 

Need your clean clothes in a hurry? We’re pleased to offer convenient next day dry cleaning with our 24-hour turnaround service, so you can get your items back as soon as you need them. How’s that for a quick clean?



EcoClean’s drop-off laundry service makes laundry day as easy as possible. Collect your dirty laundry, drop them off with us, and voila! Fresh, clean clothes in just a couple of days.


To get started, visit one of our locations to set-up a service. For added convenience, we now offer free dry cleaning pick up and delivery that can be scheduled via our EcoClean app in the app store.