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A Mother Must-Read

I came across an Austin newsletter today by Hatch Baby Planners and was thrilled to read about EcoClean, the newsletter’s June featured partner! Hatch Baby Planners were curious about our unique way of dry cleaning, which we call “wet cleaning”. They pointed out a crucial bit of information that every mother should listen to and recognize; clothes that are dry cleaned at traditional cleaners can emit the perc toxin into your bodies and even into the air of your homes. This harmful chemical that traditional cleaners use every day can be transferred to your precious infants through breast feeding and other mother-child interactions. Do you really want to put your family at risk or to have them breathe in this unnatural carcinogen into their bodies? Of course you don’t; this is why it is especially important for all mothers and families to realize that the place you choose to dry clean your clothes at doesn’t only put yourself in danger, but puts your family at risk as well.

EcoClean does not use this harmful perc toxin which leads to a safe and healthy clean. You’ll no longer detect that lingering “dry cleaning smell” which is actually the toxic chemical that your little ones are being exposed to. Thanks to our process of wet cleaning, you and your children won’t be harmed from your clothes. We care about our customers and the people of Austin so we are constantly striving to always keep your clothes clean, and you and your families safe and healthy.

Be sure to check out us out as Hatch’s Baby Planners featured partner in their June Newsletter! This is a great monthly newsletter for all moms in Austin to read!

By: Taylor Eickenhorst