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Doing Our Part

We use 100% renewable energy for our store and operations.

EcoClean participates in Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® green pricing program. All of the power that EcoClean consumes comes from a renewable or green power source (wind, sun, and methane from landfills). By using GreenChoice we are helping decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, decrease air pollution created by fossil fuels and making a lasting contribution to Austin’s quality of life.

We’ve bagged plastic with our Green Garmento™ bags.

EcoClean continues to expand the use of the Green Garmento™ garment bags—the 4-in-1 reusable garment bag that’s replacing traditional plastic bags. At home, the Green Garmento serves as a hanging hamper, on your trip to the drycleaner it functions as a duffel bag and at pick-up, your dry-cleaned clothes are hanging and protected inside for the trip home. The bag is made from breathable, water-resistant, recyclable material so it’s an eco-friendly, stylish, practical and affordable alternative to single-use plastic garment bags. 100% of our delivery customers use these bags, and many of our in-store customers have also begun to use them.

We’re helping to reduce Austin’s gas consumption with our free delivery service.

Every day our delivery van stops at 30 to 50 locations for a pick-up or drop-off. By utilizing our free delivery service, each customer is saved not only time, but also the fuel costs of a roundtrip to our store.  We are also excited to announce that EcoClean recently began using a new high-fuel efficiency van for our delivery which should cut our fuel consumption in HALF. We estimate that our free delivery service is leading to 75% less fuel (and air pollution) for those trips. That’s good for you and the community!

Being a local business means supporting the local community.

PROPS” is the EcoClean community partner program designed to create positive change in the environment and social fabric of Austin.  By partnering with local non-profit organizations each month we not only give our customers an easy way to make difference, but we spread awareness of the issues facing our community and the powerful organizations working to solve them. 

Each month EcoClean donates 5% of our sales every Wednesday of the month to a selected non-profit organization.  We will be supporting, promoting and otherwise acknowledging the programs and people that make our community strong, healthy and smart.