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Advantages of Wet Cleaning

Advantages of Wet Cleaning For Employees

  • Wet cleaning carries none of the health risks associated with long-term exposure to perc

Advantages of Wet Cleaning For Customers

  • Cleaner clothes. Much cleaner clothes. Seriously.  Way cleaner!
  • Wet cleaned garments will never develop that yellow look commonly seen on items that have been repeatedly dry cleaned with perc.
  • Clothes don’t come home with residual amounts of harmful chemicals like perc, which off-gas and contaminate cars and homes.
  • Clothes don’t have that stinky “dry cleaned” smell (again, toxic perc).
  • Wet cleaning is often able to remove stains a traditional dry cleaner can’t fix.
  • Garments fade less and the fabrics don’t incur as much damage from repeated washings.

Advantages of Wet Cleaning For the Community

  • Wet cleaning eliminates the risk of perc contaminating groundwater.
  • Neighbors are safer from air exposure to perc.
  • Wet cleaning is more energy efficient than dry cleaning, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.