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April 2013 PROPS Partner



Spring is here and what better time of year to celebrate gardening and locally grown food!  We are delighted to have the Sustainable Food Center as our PROPS partner-of-the-month for April 2013.  SFC has been serving central Texas for almost 40 years. Their innovative and award winning programs promote community health and prevent diet-related disease by breaking down barriers to fresh, nutritious, affordable food and supporting local family farms.

SFC Programs:


Demonstrating the importance of local food production for the health and well-being of individuals, families, community, and the environment, SFC empowers people to grow their own food through citizen, school, and community garden projects.


Weekly Farmer’s Markets, farm-to-school and farm-to-work projects bring the farm to the city. By facilitating farmer – urban resident contact, FARM DIRECT strengthens the local economy and creates easy access to fresh local and healthy food


By teaching skills and self-sufficiency in preparing healthy, economical meals with emphasis on local, seasonal foods, THE HAPPY KITCHEN program affects positive changes in shopping, cooking, eating habits and nutrition for adults and the children they care for.  The curriculum is designed to reduce diet-related diseases (diabetes, overweight, obesity, heart-disease, cancer, etc.) and introduce integrated food systems concepts like growing ones own food and shopping at farmer’s markets.

View about upcoming classes here!


SFC’s farm-to-school and food systems education project. Sprouting Healthy Kids includes three main components: locally-grown fruits and vegetables served in school cafeterias, classroom lessons designed to introduce students to healthy food and food systems, and a hands-on afterschool gardening and cooking program.


It’s a great time to get involved.  SFC has raised 80% of their 4.5 million goal to build a new facility in East Austin.  The new building will feature classrooms, kitchens, outdoor education spaces and a 2.3 acre community garden. Visit this page to make a donation now, and don’t forget to bring your cleaning into EcoClean on Wednesdays… 5% of what you spend will go directly to SFC.

PROPS to you SFC, for creating a healthy food community!