August 2013 PROPs Partner » EcoClean Austin TX


Aug 5

August 2013 PROPs Partner

We have high hopes for a greener Austin!  We also understand that increased awareness and respect for the environment has to start with our youth, and that is why we are so pleased to welcome Camp Fire as our August 2013 PROPS Partner! Through a variety of hands-on, outdoor programs Camp Fire teaches children to preserve nature and as a result, they develop better leadership skills, self-confidence and understanding of their own importance as valuable members of the community. “Every kid needs nature” states Camp Fire, and nature most certainly needs our kids!  During the month of August, we will happily donate 5% of profits from all orders dropped off on Wednesdays to Camp Fire.


  • Isabella

    Yay Camp Fire! Keep Austin Weird…and green!!

  • P

    Great that Camp Fire is teaching environmentalism to Austin youth!

  • Annette

    Thank you so much Eco Clean! Camp Fire has been able to send 6 youth to multiple weeks of Camp Fire Summer Camp this summer due to the generosity of people like you!