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Clothes Cleaners

As Austin’s experts in garment care and stain removal, we’re often answering questions about things like red wine spills and candlewax on tablecloths. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you tackle common problems and stains before you bring your item to a clothes cleaners. In almost all cases, if you have a stain, it’s best to keep the stain wet and to bring it to us as quickly as possible.

Also, be sure to point out stains when you bring a garment in. Some stains that appear light or invisible, such as white wine or fruit juice, contain sugars that will caramelize and discolor when the cleaned garment is pressed. If you want to make sure you get that stain out, stop dry cleaning Austin. The best results will come from wet cleaning your garments with a clothes cleaners.

EcoClean’s Top Stain Prevention Tips

Watch out for beauty products
Allow body care products such as perfumes, lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants and makeup to dry before you get dressed. While the discoloration might not be immediate, these products often contain ingredients that affect dyes and fabrics.

Wash your hands
Men should wash their hands before tying a necktie. Otherwise, over time, oils from the skin and other grooming products can discolor the silk.

Don’t sweat it
Protect silk and other fabrics from excessive perspiration using camisoles or underarm shields. The salts and chlorides can cause dyes to run.

Keep matching pieces together
Have matching pieces (such as bedspreads and drapes) cleaned at the same time. This ensures that any color loss will be uniform and the pieces will still match.

Protect against sun damage
Just as the sun can fade a chair or rug, it can fade your clothing. Watch out for prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light. Some dyes are even affected by indoor lighting.

Don’t press it
Never iron clothes that are stained or soiled—the heat can set stains and make them impossible to remove later.

Always blot a spot!
Don’t try to remove stains by rubbing or scrubbing them—this will damage the fibers in delicate fabrics. Remember, BLOT the stain gently, and don’t forget to put a clean cloth on the back side of the fabric so the stain doesn’t soak through.

Clothes need to breathe
Storing your clothing (especially natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and linen) in plastic bags can damage the fabric. Give them some air!