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EcoClean PROPS May 2013

Urban Roots is a local non-profit organization using sustainable agriculture to transform the lives of young people and increase the access to healthy food in Austin.

Paid interns ages 14-17 work on the Urban Roots 3.5 acre urban sustainable farm in East Austin growing an estimated 30,000 pounds of produce each year. They donate 40% of the harvest to local soup kitchens and food pantries. The other 60% is sold at local Farmer’s Markets, through the Urban Roots CSA, and to wholesale accounts.

During the 25 week spring and summer youth programs, Urban Roots’ youth Interns develop essential life and job skills while growing food for the Austin community.  In addition to the work experience, the interns study sustainable agriculture, healthy lifestyles, life and job skills, and food justice issues, including hands-on service at hunger relief organizations.  Through this dynamic and holistic program, Urban Roots youth Interns grow into some of Austin’s youngest leaders, advocating for a sustainable and healthy food system for all.

Urban Roots Open Houses

Urban Roots holds Open Houses, or Open Farms, during certain months of our growing seasons. Open houses include an evening presentation about the program by staff and youth Interns as well as a tour of the farm.  There is one coming up Thursday May 16th.

Maybe we will see you there!

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