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Welcome to our eco-friendly dry cleaning company!

As the founders and owners of this Austin-based business, we are thrilled to share our passion for environmentally conscious cleaning practices with our community. Our company has become a local favorite, winning several “Best of Austin” awards and earning a reputation for exceptional customer service and high-quality cleaning.

One of the key factors that sets our company apart is our commitment to using wet cleaning technology. As owners who care about the environment and our customers, we knew that traditional dry cleaning methods were not sustainable or healthy. That’s why we invested in specialized equipment and water-based solvents to offer a gentler and safer alternative. Our wet cleaning technology not only produces excellent results, but it also ensures that our customers’ clothes are free from harsh chemicals.

We are incredibly grateful for the positive reviews and feedback we have received from our customers over the years. One of our customers shared, “Couldn’t be happier with their service, consistently high quality.” It is humbling to know that our customers trust us to take care of their valuable garments, and we are committed to continuing to exceed their expectations.

Another customer shared, “I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a reliable cleaning service for formal wear and will certainly be back for standard cleaning services in the future.” It is always a pleasure to hear from new customers who have discovered the benefits of wet cleaning technology and our exceptional customer service.

As owners of Ecoclean, we are also proud of our team’s commitment to giving back to the community. We believe that small businesses can have a big impact, and we are dedicated to supporting local initiatives and events. Our team is made up of individuals who share our values and are passionate about making a positive impact.

Thank you for considering our eco-friendly dry cleaning company for your cleaning needs. We are honored to serve the Austin community and are committed to continuing to provide high-quality cleaning and exceptional service.

See what our customers are saying

Pick-up & Drop-off

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EcoClean was quick and had great service. When I walked in I was greeted and, seeing as it was my first time here, they told me a little bit about how it works. I also made an account online which made paying and notifications very easy. I picked up my suit & shirt a day later and was very happy with the service. I will come back here to get my suits cleaned.

Marcus W.

dry cleaner near me

Burberry Jacket fixed!! Olive oil completely removed and excellent customer service!! I had a major olive oil accident (cap came off the bottle and soaked thru my bag on my jacket) and I thought my Burberry jacket was ruined. There were at least 20 large stains/spots including a completely soaked corner. The staff, more specifically the production manager at the plant called me back to discuss how they were going to clean it. They had to run it through several times to get the stains out... and it looks absolutely perfect!! I am so thankful for their hard work and communication through out the process. I wish I had a before photo to show the difference. Trust me it was drenched in olive oil.

Laney M.

man smiling with collared shirt

I've used EcoClean for 10+ years and will only use them for my clothes. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but your clothes are cleaner, do not smell like chemicals and last 3x longer than when using traditional cleaning services. My shirts don't get yellow and my buttons don't turn into dust. Excellent customer service and good prices - they even called me when they found a tear on my shirt. I do not live near a location, but I gladly drive out of my way to drop my clothes off.

Kelly D.

woman in a hat profile picture leaving review for laundry service

These ladies are wizards! They were able to save a white silk noil dress that I was wearing when I had a bike wreck — it had asphalt and grease from the bike on it and now it looks good as new. always so pleasant and quick turnaround times!

Sierra B.


I took in a dress that was badly stained and they got it out completely! Wow. Couldn’t be happier with their service, consistently high quality. If you care about the environment and looking good, perc-free cleaning by EcoClean is the only way to go!

Marcella V.

green circle with S in it as profile image for five star customer review

So I dropped off my clothes and I couldn't make it by the time this location closed. I had a wedding the next day and so the owner worked it out to have another employee meet me there the next day so I could get everything. She went out of her way at 9pm at night and even gave me her personal number to make sure I was taken care of. Best experience I had at a dry cleaners. Will definitely keep my business here.

Steven M.

woman smiling in profile picture

I have nothing but amazing things to say about EcoClean. I lent a yellow sundress to a friend and when it was returned to me, it had red wine stains ALL over it! Good thing she was a close friend, however, I wanted to find a way to make it wearable again. I had used EcoClean before but didn't think anyone would be able to remove these stains as she had already taken it to get dry cleaned else wear and it was essentially ruined. So glad I went back to EcoClean to see if they could work miracles to my lovely dress because they actually got rid of all the stains and made it look brand new! I will only use this company from now on as it's both eco-friendly and their products work wonders :)

Samantha C.


I recently noticed EcoClean has made it out to the Four Points area with their temporary sign, and I'm SO happy. I've been able to use them for cleaning as well as wash & fold so far, and it's been the same great service I experienced years ago at the So. Lamar store. I have holiday tablecloths that I plan to take in soon for some deep cleaning...I know they'll do a great job!

Phyllis C.

Delivery Customers

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These guys are wonderful. They even have a way of washing wool in water without damaging the item. They also wash giant down sleeping bags and large bedding items in water. Great work. Extra special is their pickup and delivery at no extra charge.

Les L.

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I've been a customer for almost 2 years and have been extremely satisfied. Cleaners have been using nasty, toxic chemicals for years and have historically been big polluters. I love what EcoClean is doing for the environment and the quality of the cleaning and the delivery service are excellent.

Greg P.

Circular profile image of an orange circle with a capital "D"

I Love EcoClean!! No harsh chemicals, No Dry Clean smell or itch. They are great people to work with week in and week out. They even have a delivery service that is soooo convenient. If you want great Clean no chemical cleaning , this is the real South Austin deal!!!

Douglas R.

Circular profile image of a grey circle with a capital "Z"

These guys are great and I'm glad that they're popping up all over the city. They've always been very prompt and courteous and the DELIVERY IS FREE, which makes life that much more stress-free. Give them a shot!

Zach H.

photo of woman

EcoClean picks up our dry-cleaning and our regular laundry twice per week and brings it back all done! (Free Delivery!) Love this service and love even more that it's environmentally friendly! No stinky, dangerous chemicals!

Julie H.

jennifer review photo of woman with long hair in grayscale

What drew me to EcoClean was its reputation. I appreciate the fact that we can get our dry cleaning done without the nasty chemicals of traditional dry cleaners. Their delivery service makes it so easy for working parents, too -- one less thing to have to mess with running around town to handle pick ups and drop offs. They're also incredibly responsive when questions or issues do arise, which is rare.



woman with long brown hair smiling in front of a green background

Take your clothing and fabrics to EcoClean! Investing in quality clothing and the care for that clothing is such a worthy investment - so much better to have EcoClean and their fabric friendly ways keep your clothes in your closet and on your body for much longer than would otherwise happen with harsh chemicals breaking down fibers more quickly, not to mention the benefits of water vs. harsh chemicals for your skin, respiratory system, and the natural environment that is the last link in the chain for detergents and chemicals used for cleaning. EcoClean has gone out of their way to handle my special needs as an out-of-town customer, they give great referrals, and their fabric people are super knowledgeable about all kinds of natural and synthetic fibers, combinations of the two, and how wet cleaning will affect those fibers. They turn away fibers and / or weavings if there is even a chance that wet cleaning will mess with the article's sizing or appearance, which I really appreciate; they are looking out for your clothing and the product they turn out ahead of taking money, consequences be damned. They are a great business - help yourself and protect your clothing investments by using them and help them grow and thrive in Austin!

K B D Kelly

Austin life Chiropractic - team of four people standing together

Great Service with a smile.. Trying to be knowledgeable and conscious of limiting my chemical exposures, Joshua was knowledgeable and informative on their products and had a true passion for what he does and serving people. Finally glad to see a cleaners take action and a stance on limiting the harmful chemicals that are used in traditional dry cleaning. Many thanks. BJP

Austin Life Chiropractic

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Designer Exchange recommends EcoClean to all of our clients.They have an interest in each client and their team is very knowledgeable regarding materials and what the best process is to clean your garments. They will go the extra length to get the job done even in emergency situations like the one we experienced with a WEDDING DRESS! I fear not anymore and solely recommend them as our go to cleaners.

Designer Exchange

Wedding Customers

woman smiling with blue shirt and white coat

Wonderful experience. Staff was friendly, the online portal is easy to navigate and sends helpful notifications of status. My wedding dress, veil, and a beaded formal gown were all cleaned to near-new condition. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a reliable cleaning service for formal wear and will certainly be back for standard cleaning services in the future.

Monica F.

circle with a letter M

I got my bridal gown cleaned at EcoClean, and all the dirt and smudges came out perfectly! It honestly looks as clean as the day I brought it home. I would recommend them for every bride looking to clean and preserve their gown- they do an amazing job!

Molly Elizabeth

review profile image is a purple circle with the letter F centered

They did a WONDERFUL job on my wedding dress. It was a HOT mess and it came out looking like NEW!!! So happy with the experience and the customer service. 100% recommended!!!!!



Brought my wedding dress here after sitting in my closet for 6 months after my wedding. The bottom of the dress was full of stains after dragging it across the dance floor and backyard all night at our reception. EcoClean did a great job and the dress looks almost new. Thank you!

Michelle N

We invite you to experience the EcoClean difference for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a pickup, visit one of our convenient locations, or learn more about our services. We look forward to providing you with the same exceptional cleaning services that have delighted our Austin customers time and time again.

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