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Cleaning Wedding Dresses

White dresses are notorious for showing stains and smudges, and can be a cause of stress for any bride. Dry-cleaning is incredibly effective at removing stains, debris, and any discoloration from your cherished wedding gown. Inherited dresses that have been improperly stored or dry cleaned may need a refresh before going back down the aisle, and can be restored back to a brilliant white with a little help from our signature wet-cleaning process. Traditional dry-cleaning leaves a tell-tale yellow cast on white garments, but wet-cleaning keeps gowns white for generations.

You can trust our talented team to restore your wedding gown back to its original glory. Our wet cleaning and pressing teams have over 80 combined years of experience in garment restoration and handle each gown with care. We understand the value and importance of each dress and return them to their original condition with the utmost care.

Here’s how we do it:

Each wedding gown is personally inspected by our plant manager and evaluated for proper cleaning. Our cleaning methods vary dress to dress, and are determined by the gown’s fabric, embellishments, and construction. How much the dry-cleaning costs for the wedding gown is based on the severity of the stains and debris and the fragility of the gown.

Stains are then hand-treated with care and washed in protective mesh bags with gentle, eco-conscious laundry products. After air drying, each gown is steamed and hand-pressed back to its original form before being carefully arranged in its preservation box.

And that’s it! For Austin brides, gowns are picked up then delivered to you by our local delivery team. For our out-of-town brides, dresses are specially shipped and tracked to guarantee delivery.

Preserving Wedding Dresses

Your one-of-a-kind wedding gown deserves a premier one-of-a-kind gown cleaning service to match. But how much will it cost to dry clean and preserve your wedding dress? We have a variety of cleaning packages that suit any requirement: from a simple clean and preservation to a more detailed, delicate touch, there’s something for everyone. Check below for an option that works for you:

Cleaning and Preservation Kits

Crystal – $349 – $399
Our Crystal cleaning and preservation option is our most affordable choice of gown and veil dry-cleaning that includes a cleaning, pressing, and preservation treatment.

Rose – $449 – $499
Our Rose option includes a gown and veil cleaning, pressing, and preservation as well as a debris and heavy soil charge and one additional accessory cleaning. This option is great for gowns that need a little extra TLC and clean.

Diamond – $549 – $599
Our Diamond option is the next step up that includes a gown and veil cleaning, pressing, and preservation, a debris and heavy soil charge and cleaning/preservation for three additional accessories. A personalized embroidered muslin cotton box cover is included.

Couture – $749

Our Couture option is our top of the line gown dry-cleaning and preservation service. This option is perfect for delicate gowns and accessories that require additional time and attention for intricate embellishments. This option is great for gowns that need extra special attention during cleaning with more fragile elements. All debris and heavy soil charges and three additional accessory cleanings are covered. To make it extra special, we’ve included a personalized embroidered muslin cotton box cover.

Each package consists of the cost of dry-cleaning your wedding dress along with free shipping, a $1000 insurance, and a protective white acid-free preservation box that protects your gown from yellowing, dust, stains and UV light. Rose, Diamond, and Couture packages also include a muslin cotton box liner, acid/lignin-free tissue paper and special archival handling gloves.

Additional costs:

Accessories – $49.99
Accessories complete a wedding day look and are just as treasured. Accessories are carefully cleaned and safely preserved alongside your wedding gown. Some accessories are included in preservation packages, so please review your package choice to determine the number of additional accessories you need to purchase.

We are happy to clean:

  • Handbags
  • Non-fur stoles
  • Shrugs
  • Shawls
  • Boleros
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Belts
  • Garters
  • Hairpieces
  • Undergarments
  • Lingerie
  • Shoes

Are we missing any accessories that you’d like dry-cleaned? Feel free to stop by with your item and we’ll see what we can do.

Additional Cleaning Charges- $49.99
For gowns that need a little more work, we provide additional charges that accommodate:

Debris removal
– Heavily soiled hem cleaning
– Hard-to-remove stains, such as wine, blood, makeup, or food
– Age reversal for older gowns that are soiled or yellowed by age, inadequate storage, or dry cleaning residue.

Some of our preservation options include this charge, so check each package to determine which one is right for you.

Extra Size Charge – $79.99
An extra size charge is applied for larger dresses that require extra preservation materials and additional shipping and handling fees. This charge is added if dresses:

  • Are comprised of at least 6 skirt layers
  • Weigh over 10 pounds
  • Measure more than 4 feet in diameter

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your order online or at one of our locations
  2. Receive a mailing kit
  3. Send your dress and accessories our way for cleaning
  4. Your gown is carefully cleaned by our experts
  5. Each item is inspected and boxed with care
  6. Your cleaned and preserved gown is sent and received in the mail

If you have any questions on how much your wedding dress will cost to be dry-cleaned, feel free to stop by one of our four locations and we’ll be happy to discuss our pricing options.