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Hill Country Conservancy

We are delighted to announce the Hill Country Conservancy as our first PROPS partner of 2013!  HCC was our very first PROPS partner way back in September 2011.  Since then we have raised over $5500 for local non-profits working to solve the issues facing our community.  We are proud of our PROPS program and encourage Austinites to help us make a difference by supporting the program.  We donate 5% of our Wednesday sales to our partner of the month. By bringing cleaning to EcoClean on Wednesdays, customers automatically contribute to a great cause… it’s a win win win! 



Working every day to preserve open space in the Barton Springs Aquifer region.

Hill country Conservancy and its partners have preserved 40,000 acres in the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer since 2000,

protecting 15% of the aquifer region as open space forever.

HCC was founded in 1999 to preserve – forever – large strategic natural areas that conserve critical water features, preserve outdoor recreation opportunities, and help maintain the Hill Country’s unique quality of life. Their philosophy is simple. Once Hill Country land is gone, it’s gone for good. When HCC preserves it, it’s here forever.

Watch this excellent short video to understand the power of the work HCC is doing for you!