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Colorado River Foundation

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday cruising the cool waters of lake Austin with my friends in a boat. Out there on the water I was struck by how little the river had changed since I was 17 and doing the very same thing… cruising Lake Austin. Sure there are more boats and houses and they are bigger and fancier, but the water, the water seemed ageless. It is still as cool and clear and inviting as ever.

It’s no stroke of luck that the Colorado River and its six lakes are as clean and beautiful as they are. It is the hard work of individuals and organizations who make it their business every day to protect the river. This month EcoClean recognizes THE COLORADO RIVER FOUNDATION for promoting educational awareness, appreciation, and stewardship of the Colorado River. CRF raises funds to support natural science education, outdoor recreation programs, annual river cleanups, and community projects that keep the public engaged in the important work of appreciating and protecting our beautiful river.

EcoClean customers have the opportunity every Wednesday in June to support CRF’s mission and programs by bringing in their laundry to be cleaned… it’s a win win! We’ll give 5% of sales on the Wednesdays in June directly to CRF. The more you clean, the more we give!!

The next time you dive into Lake Travis, rent a paddle board on Lady Bird, or enjoy the sunset at Hula Hut, try to imagine Austin without the Colorado River… it just wouldn’t be the same. Thank you CRF. EcoClean shares your vision of a clean, abundant, accessible and healthy Colorado River for generations to come.