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Live Without Those Everywhere Toxins!

As a parent, you’re going to always be on the lookout for what is and what isn’t good for your kids. It’s your duty to keep your children protected from life’s everyday dangers.  The exposure to toxins is very hard to completely eliminate out of our lives these days, but as a parent, you can take action and lessen the amount that goes into your children’s bodies. Imus Deirdre, from Fox News, knows how to keep her child safe from an array of known toxins. Lucky for us, she shared some tips in her article, Protecting Your Children from Everyday Toxins, so that you can protect your children too. 

One tip that Deirdre noted in her article was that at a regular dry cleaner, “clothes are washed with a solvent called perchloroethylene, which the EPA considers a health and environmental hazard.” Deirdre advised that you should “locate a dry cleaners shop in your neighborhood that uses greener methods like wet cleaning.” At EcoClean, we eliminate the perc carcinogen completely in our cleaning processes. We’re here because we want to allow you and your family to be healthier and to live in a safer environment.

Read the rest of Deirdre’s tips on protecting your child to see what else you can do to eliminate some dangers out of you and your family’s lives. Deirdre’s advice, “knowledge is power—arm yourself for the journey, and know you’re doing everything possible to keep safe the ones you love.”

Taylor Eickenhorst