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New Wheels for Delivery

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you have heard by now that EcoClean recently purchased a new delivery vehicle. Some of you may actually be wondering why it is such a big deal that I won’t shut-up about it. So let me get it all out once and for all and then I’ll leave you to play our “Tag the Van for Ten Bucks Game”.

Our new Ford Transit delivery vehicle, all shiny and handsomely wrapped, is way more than a new toy for us. It represents a big accomplishment in our mission to provide the best possible service to you in a sustainable and responsible way. The new van will use HALF the gas and emit HALF the pollutants as our old delivery vehicle. It keeps our driver safer, your garments less wrinkled, and the generally makes the streets of Austin more attractive. Pretty great huh?

We are different from other Austin Dry Cleaners and proud of it! Here’s a short list of all the things we are doing to make a difference for the environment–besides driving a new fuel efficient delivery vehicle:

  • WET CLEANING – Far and away the most eco-friendly and safe alternative to Dry Cleaning
  • REUSEABLE GARMENT BAGS – We are ending the use of plastic dry-cleaning bags one customer at a time.
  • DELIVERY – By providing free delivery to hundreds of homes and offices all over town we reduce the number of cars on the road and the fuel use and pollution associated with them.
  • REUSING HANGERS — We reuse every clean and undamaged hanger you bring back to us and recycle the rest.
  • RECYCLING PLASTICS –We provide a plastic bag recycling center in our store.
  • CLEANING PRODUCTS – We use all-natural cleaning and paper products in the store.

So there it is. We are excited to be making a difference for the planet by investing wisely in business assets and practices that have long-term positive impacts on our community. Thank you EcoClean customers for supporting us in this effort. Now go spot the van!

If you spot our awesome new van out on the streets today or any day next week, take a picture, facebook it, and tag EcoClean, we will give you $10 free cleaning! How cool is that? NO cheating… parked in our parking lot doesn’t count.

Here’s a link to our Facebook page