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Chemical Free Dry Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a non-toxic alternative to traditional dry cleaning that effectively washes clothing and erases stains – all without the use of harmful chemicals. This chemical-free method of dry cleaning doesn’t require the use of perchloroethylene, commonly referred to as “perc”, a chlorinated solvent that’s been used since the 1930s. While perc has long been recognized as an effective cleaning chemical, it is a likely carcinogen that poses serious health issues if improperly exposed. Its toxicity has long been seen as a risk to human and environmental health, and in the 1990s was flagged by the Environmental Protection Agency for its harmful effects on life. Since then, there’s been a push to bring greener dry cleaning methods into the mainstream and push out perc. While great strides have been made to abandon the use of perc in the dry cleaning world (it’ll soon be made illegal in California) it is still prominently used in many traditional dry cleaning businesses.

That’s where wet cleaning comes in. Chemicals have been booted out, and instead of relying on harmful detergents and solvents, the secret of wet cleaning relies within the sophistication of its technology. The machinery is highly customizable and can be programmed to clean any type of textile, at any temperature, load size, or detergent requirement.

It works by adding extremely gentle detergents (even milder than at-home laundry soaps) into computerized washers that lightly agitate garments. There’s no rough and tumble washing happening at any point, so even the most delicate fabrics can be put through the machine. They’re then dried in programmable dryers for set periods of time with specific temperatures and humidity. This prevents any over drying that could damage the garments fibers and shorten the lifespan of the piece.

The quality of the wash is just as good as traditional dry cleaning, if not better. If a garment can be dry cleaned, it can be wet cleaned, too.

Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning

Not only are chemical-free detergents good for the people, but they’re also great for the environment. Here at EcoClean, we pride ourselves on keeping the environment at the forefront of all that we do–including our adoption of Green Garmento bags to eliminate any reliance on plastic protective bags. We’re constantly seeking the most sustainable, non-toxic dry cleaning methods to make our footprint as small as it can be.

Our washers and dryers are incredibly energy efficient, and don’t require nearly as much electricity or water as many other commercial cleaners. Each machine uses the exact amount of biodegradable detergents and clean water it needs to thoroughly clean its load, eliminating any unnecessary extra waste in the process. Since we never use perc, there’s no worry of the harmful chemical contaminating the air, the ground, or our drinking water. Wet cleaning is completely safe and non-toxic for the environment and is at the top of most experts recommendations for eco-friendly dry cleaning.

When you think of non-toxic dry cleaning, we hope you think of us. Going chemical free keeps our clothes (and the environment) clean and is better for us all.