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Our September Partner is HealthStart

First year of PROPS raised

over $4500 for local organizations! 

Our September Partner is HealthStart

I just can’t tell you how proud we are of this program and how great it feels to be giving a little something back.  On behalf of our customers, staff and management, EcoClean gifted $4700 in cash and an additional $1000 in goods and services to the following organizations in the last twelve months: Hill Country Conservancy, SafePlace, Austin Lyric Opera, Austin Pets Alive, SOS, Project Transitions, Keep Austin Beautiful, Theater Action Project, Sustainable Food Center, Colorado River foundation, KOOP Radio, and Austin Film Society.

  PROPS is our way of saying thank you, of showing ‘proper respect’ we like to say, to the organizations fighting the good fight here in Austin.  This town is full of unsung heroes busy creating positive change.  From water quality to fair access to the arts, the work our partners do is a critical in making Austin the great city it is. 

We are kicking off PROPS’ second year partnering with an organization that was brought to our attention by one of our customers, Scott Gilman.  Here is what Scott wrote to me in an email when he found his organization, HealthStart had been selected this month:

“I’ve been going to EcoClean for years now, and just joined up with HealthStart a few months ago. It’s great to see my interests and values coming together in the community like this.”

Starting this Wednesday, the September 5% will be donated to The HealthStart Foundation , a local organization dedicated to a healthier future through early childhood health and wellness curriculum.  “HealthStart is working to create healthy communities through early health education by teaching pre-K kids the ABC’s of nutrition, exercise, wellness and body awareness. What children learn at an early age can positively influence choices they will make for the rest of their lives, which we hope will lead to healthier children, families and communities” says HealthStart executive director Robin Herskowitz.  

Please take a moment to check out HEY! (Health Education for Youngsters!), HealthStart’s science and health curriculum that takes young students on a journey through their bodies and the world around them. How much better off would our world be if every one of us from a very early age not only understood what foods we should eat for the different systems in our bodies but also how to have a healthy relationship with the earth and her atmosphere in order to ensure access to healthy foods for ourselves and the future?  It’s mindboggling to imagine a generation with that level of awareness!! Thank you HealthStart!

Anyone can contribute to the HealthStart vision by patronizing any EcoClean location.