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PRO-TIP: Storing Winter Clothes

Summer weather is already coming to Austin, TX, and that means it’s time to start storing all of your winter dry-cleaning items. As your Eco-friendly dry cleaner, we feel obliged to give you some guidelines to ensure your storing efforts are effective and safe.

1. Bring your clothes to Eco-Clean before storage.

This is probably the most important step. Cleaning your clothes before storing them is the best way to protect your winter-wear over the summer. Insects are less likely to be attracted to clean items, and mold is less likely to develop.

2. Use fabric storage containers.

Hanging up your garments or putting them in cardboard boxes just won’t give them the same security as a fabric storage container. They work just as well as plastic containers, but are more eco-friendly! It may seem like a nuisance to invest in several storage containers, but it is money well spent.

3. Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry.

Keep your containers in an environment that meets this description, and you will be storing your winter wardrobe in the smartest way possible.

4. Mothballs?

Mothballs are widely used to repel insects from sweaters and other items, but they are made of a toxic chemical called naphthalene and dangerous to pets and children. If you follow the steps above, mothballs should not be necessary! If you still want to use something extra to protect your sweaters, however, we recommend storing them with a cedar block.


We are the top-rated dry cleaners in Austin, Texas. We hope these tips help you in your storing endeavors, and do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone for any other storing-related questions!

– The EcoClean Team