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PROPS to YOU EcoClean Customers!

In just two months EcoClean customers have contributed over $800 to our community via the PROPS program.

In September we raised $399 for the Hill Country Conservancy and their efforts to preserve and protect land and water features in the Central Texas Hill Country. Their philosophy is simple. Once Hill Country land is gone, it’s gone for good. When HCC preserves it, it’s here forever.

In October we raised $403.10 for SafePlace who for over 35 years has been providing shelter, support and crisis intervention for families dealing with domestic and sexual violence.  Their commitment to end this violence through healing, prevention, and education is truly commendable.

We developed PROPS in the spirit of collaboration and gratitude.  We love Austin and believe that by working together Austinites can accomplish greatness! In addition to donating 5% of our sales every Wednesday of the month, we support and promote our partner organizations and the issues they address.  Look for the following organizations in the coming months:  Save Our Springs, Keep Austin Beautiful, and Theatre Action Project.

It’s easy to find out who we are supporting each month.  You can follow the Blog , watch the “PROPS SPOT” in the Lobby of EcoClean, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. When you see your favorite organization in the line-up, please tell your friends and family.   The more people who participate, the more we give!

This month we are supporting Austin Lyric Opera and their efforts to keep opera alive for generations to come in our vibrant city!  Drop your clothes off this Wednesday to make a difference for ALO. We will do the rest.

Our sincere gratitude and “proper respect” to our fabulous customers for doing their part,

P.S.  For those of you more Eco hip than Urban hip here is the 411 on the word PROPS: PROPS  is urban slang for PROPER RESPECT which was shortened to PROPERS in the 1960s. In the song  Respect, Otis Redding’s original line “… give me my proper respect when you get home” was interpreted by Aretha Franklin as “..give me my propers, when you come home.”  The further abbreviated version, props, was popularized in the 1980’s by hip-hop artists and fans.