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Garment Cleaning Services

EcoClean is a full service Austin dry cleaner. We offer a wide range of garment and household cleaning services.

Wash & Fold

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  • $2.50/lb for clothing, sheets & towels
  • $3.75/lb for comforters, quilts & blankets
  • $35/bag
  • Monthly subscription – $100 for 4 bags a month

Wedding & Formal Wear

laundry services


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Additional Services

EcoClean also offers a variety of additional services

Free Pick-up & Delivery

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Smoke, Mold & Mildew Restoration

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Stain Removal


Frequently Asked Questions

Hate doing laundry? EcoClean wash and fold in Austin has got you covered. Items are washed in environmentally friendly detergents in our standard washing machines, tumble dried and then folded. This Austin laundry service is available as drop off and delivery. Like other Austin laundromats, EcoClean provides wash & fold service for $2.50 per pound. Schedule your laundry pickup in seconds with our app. Download our app here.

There’s a good chance we can! Our spot and stain removal is unmatched. We are often able to remove stains that have stumped other Austin dry cleaners. We inspect every garment to identify stains so that we can make every effort to get them out. If you’ve got a question about a stain, bring in your garment, and we can take a look.

Most likely, yes! We see yellowing often with dry clean dress shirts and wedding dresses. Clothes that were once crisp white are yellowed because of the toxic, harsh chemicals that traditional dry cleaners use. Our eco-friendly wet cleaning method is gentle, yet effective and will actually improve the condition of your clothes and extend their life.

EcoClean is happy to recycle all of your used dry cleaners hangers. Just bring them to our store or give them to your delivery driver. We’ve even got free “hanger caddy” boxes where you can store them. We’re also proud to use reusable green garment bags instead of one-time use plastic bags. We value our reputation as a responsible cleaning service in Austin, TX.

Yes, we do! We get it. If you are in a rush, we can clean your item in just one day. Just give us a heads up and we’ll have them back to you by 5pm the next business day.

Yes, we can even clean lapels. With over twenty years in the cleaning business, we’ve most likely seen it and cleaned it. (And of course, expertly pressed it as well.)

You shouldn’t have to find the time to run another errand in person, much less use other cleaners that leave your clothes stained, smelly and still needing to be ironed.

Let us pick up and deliver your dry cleaning for you. Schedule your pickups online to have your freshly (Eco)cleaned clothes pressed and returned right to your door – ready when you need them.

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