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An eye-catching coat or blazer is the perfect way to dazzle a date or seal a deal. However, suit coats and jackets can be cantankerous to clean. At EcoClean, we are garment cleaning experts who emphasize safe and environmentally friendly processes that are perfect for expensive and hard to replace items like a blazer or sport coat.


Dress coats and jackets are used all year long by style enthusiasts and professionals alike. At EcoClean, we know that, sometimes, our customers need to wear a snazzy sport coat, suit coat, or blazer in during the hot Texas summers. Often times, this can lead to a sweaty coat or jacket that is a perfect candidate for our safe and toxin free wet cleaning process that will never leave your garment smelling of strong chemicals. EcoClean's uniquely user-friendly garment cleaning experience is the perfect way to keep your coats and jackets fresh and ready for use all year long!