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Some of the most important pieces of household essentials are comforters and duvet covers. Many do not realize what a critical of a role a sanitary comforter or a regular duvet cleaning can play in general health and wellness. The dust, dirt, and dander that accumulates in our beds over the few days or weeks between cleanings can cause sinus issues, headaches, lack of sleep, and more. However, cleaning comforters or duvet covers can be difficult especially if they are a unique material blend like a down comforter or polyester comforter. But there is no need to fear! EcoClean is here to solve all of your comforter consternation. Don't try washing your duvet at home. Contact EcoClean for all of your duvet dry cleaning needs!


At EcoClean, we emphasize convenience for our customers to make sure that they stay happy and healthy. This is especially true for our comforter and duvet cleaning services. We know that many customers ask themselves questions like, "How often should you clean a comforter?", "Can you wash a down comforter?", and "How much should I pay for dry clean duvet costs?" We have found that experts recommend that your duvet cover gets washed once per week, while comforters inside should be washed once a month. These intervals could shorten if you have pets. Also, many comforters, especially wool comforters, are dry clean only. Did you know you can dry clean a feather duvet, as well? So, how can a busy person possibly make time to run back and forth to their dry cleaner several times per month to keep their comforter clean? Fortunately, EcoClean makes it possible to delegate this task to professionals at no extra charge with our free pick-up and delivery services! Don't worry, Austin! We've got you duvet covered!

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