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There's not much better than plopping down on a freshly cleaned couch cushion after a long hard day of work. Unfortunately, keeping these heavy use items clean can be difficult. Couch cushions are subjected to some harsh sources of filth and grime including kids spilling chips and juice while they watch their cartoons, pets shedding their lovable but sneeze inducing fur, a spouse kicking up their dirty work boots after a hard day of labor, and on and on.


At EcoClean, we strive to make our customer's lives as comfortable and clean as possible by providing an easy and affordable way to refresh even their most hard to clean items. Couch cushions are certainly no exception! Our wet cleaning process is environmentally friendly, and uses effective, but gentle detergents to clean our customer's linens and other garment cleaning eligible items. This means that your couch cushion covers will smell fresh and clean, and not like harsh and unpleasant chemicals. Do you have a stain on your couch cushion that you just can't get to go away? Let us take a shot at it! We have been known to remove stains that seem to thwart other professional cleaners in Austin. Plus, you'll never be charged a stain removal fee, unless the stain is gone and you are completely satisfied!

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