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There's a dress for every occasion in today's world. Dresses can range from large and extravagant to clean-cut and professional and even cute and casual. However, one of the things that these versatile garments all have in common, is that they can be complicated to keep clean, structured, and properly pressed. Whether you have a funky A-line or a classic dress suit, EcoClean makes donning a dashing dress for any occasion simple, convenient, and fun! Are you worried about the cost to dry clean a dress? Don't! We've got you covered there too with affordable pricing and free pick-up and delivery!


Not sure how to wash a dress properly? No need to worry! We know just what to do to make sure your dress is safely cleaned in an eco-friendly process that never leaves your garment smelling like toxic chemicals. At EcoClean, we have perfected convenient garment cleaning service by offering affordable walk-in or pick-up and delivery services to the Austin area. In addition, you can be sure you'll make the best impression possible with a stain-free dress because we thoroughly inspect each garment for stains and make every effort to remove even stains that have previously stumped other dry cleaners. We're in the business of safe and affordable dry cleaning dress restoration. Are you in a hurry and wondering, "How long does it take to dry clean a dress?" or even, "What is a rushed dry clean dress price in Austin, TX?" At EcoClean, the answer is 24 hours or less if you request our free rush service! Whether you are preparing for a first date or getting ready to seal a big business deal, entrusting your dress to EcoClean is a great way to tame those butterflies in your stomach and calm your nerves to take the world by storm.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Packages make wonderful gifts for the Bride-to-be. When you select the Gift option at checkout, the lucky bride will be notified of the gift and provided instructions on how to handle her gown after the wedding.