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Your shirt can be over 50% of your outfit on any given day. Whether you're wearing a button-down shirt, polo shirt, or knit shirt, this essential piece of your wardrobe can make a big impression on the world around you. If you're worried about shirt laundry prices or the costs to dry clean a shirt, there's no need! At EcoClean, we take care of washing shirts and boosting reputations while saving our customers time and money. EcoClean is the most innovative and convenient way to get a freshly cleaned shirt while reducing your carbon footprint! Laundering dress shirts on a dime is a breeze at EcoClean!


It is not uncommon to wonder how to wash a dress shirt. A traditional approach to dry cleaning cotton shirts and dry cleaning polo shirts may seem like the best way to go, but Austonites are innovators! At EcoClean, we use an eco-friendly wet cleaning process to keep your shirts fresh and clean. Even if your dress shirt says it is dry-clean only, our wet-cleaning and laundering processes are safe for your garment. From button-downs, to knit shirts, and even polo shirts, EcoClean is a safe and environmentally friendly choice for cleaning your garments. Leave creases in the past with a boxed shirt from the dry cleaners at your nearest EcoClean! If you want to take your environmentally friendly shirt washing experience to the next level with EcoClean, feel free to leave your old, unwanted hangers with us. We'll recycle them for you! Free delivery, environmentally friendly and superior cleaning techniques and express service allow EcoClean to provide a uniquely convenient and affordable experience that will leave your shirt fresh and ready to help you make a great impression!

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Packages make wonderful gifts for the Bride-to-be. When you select the Gift option at checkout, the lucky bride will be notified of the gift and provided instructions on how to handle her gown after the wedding.