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Sustainable Food Center

Sustainable Food Center was pushing healthy local food back when today’s new parents were still just babes in arms.  Nutrition, food awareness and the idea of eating locally and in season have come a long way since then, and in Austin SFC has been leading the movement.  A long time darling of Austin healthnuts and foodies, SFC is the winner of countless awards for achievement in health, nutrition, environment and social justice.  I don’t know where we’d be without them, but I do know we wouldn’t have FOUR of the GREATEST FARMERS MARKETS EVER happening every week in Austin.  There is hardly a more Austin experience than a trip to a SFC Farmers market.

EcoClean is proud to select Sustainable Food Center as this months PROPS partner.  We’ll be donating 5% of sales every Wednesday in April to help fund great SFC programs such as organic food gardening, relationships with area farmers, interactive cooking classes, and nutrition education.  My personal favorite is Sprouting Healthy Kids, the Sustainable Food Center’s farm-to-school and food systems education project. Sprouting Healthy Kids includes three main components: locally-grown, fresh fruits and vegetables served in school cafeterias, classroom lessons designed to introduce students to healthy food and food systems, and a hands-on afterschool gardening and cooking program.

Thank you EcoClean customers for your continued support and interest in our PROPS program! So far we have donated almost $4000 to local non-profits doing great work for our community.