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Uniform Laundry Service

We understand that staying on top of clean uniforms can be time-consuming and tedious, so we’ve created a uniform dry cleaning service that takes the heavy load of laundry off your hands. We offer a wide range of dry cleaning services for business uniforms, dress clothes and outerwear, with clients ranging from retail stores and restaurants, universities, to corporate office buildings and hospitals.

Our laundering service is suitable for all types of uniforms, including those required for:

  • Athletic Teams
  • Medical Professionals
  • Food Service Workers
  • Chefs
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Academic Ceremonies
  • Security
  • Bands
  • Grade Schools
  • Events
  • And more.

If you have a uniform, we want to clean it!

Athletic Uniform Cleaning

Athletic uniforms and sports attire are prone to picking up all sorts of dirt and marks that leave stains – no matter the sport. Whether you’re sliding into homebase or taking a tumble on the field, your uniform looks less than fresh when covered in grass, clay, sweat and the occasional spot of blood.

When your team is spending hours on the field or in the gym, it doesn’t leave you much time to keep cleaning your uniforms. It can be overwhelming keeping on top of the cleaning at home, especially if your athletic wear requires special laundering or dry cleaning. Luckily, outsourcing your laundry to your local dry cleaners is a simple and effective way to keep your uniforms fresh and looking like new. Let us take over the dirty work and get your athletic wear back to new. Our uniform cleaning service keeps team uniforms spotless so you can look sharp on the field and focus on the game.

Our staff is experienced with all types of sports uniforms and can handle even the most delicate materials with ease and precision. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your uniforms are cleaned safely and thoroughly without any damage occurring during the process.

Professional Uniform Cleaning

If you work in the service industry, you know how important it is to look your best. You’re not just representing yourself—you’re representing your company, which means keeping up a respectable, tidy appearance. No matter what kind of uniform you wear, EcoClean’s uniform cleaning service is the answer to keeping them clean, pressed, and professional.

We use wet cleaning to brighten up whites for a crisp finish and keep colors vibrant so you can wear your uniform with pride. Wet cleaning uses a special solution that does away with the need for dry cleaning chemicals like perchloroethylene (perc) and removes stains without damaging fabrics like wool. This makes wet cleaning perfect for uniforms because it’s forgiving on delicate materials like satin and silk while still getting rid of stains from oil or food spills. Our wet cleaning products are gentle on clothing and effective at drawing out marks and blemishes for a more thorough and compelling clean.

The best part? If you’re in a pinch, we offer same-day service so you don’t have to worry about having clean uniforms ready for the next morning. With a dry cleaning service at the ready for your uniforms, you can sit back, relax, and let us handle the laundry.

Commercial Uniform Cleaning

Uniforms are expensive.

They’re also a hassle to stay on top of and keep clean.

And if you’re a business owner, you know that it’s not just the cost of buying and replacing uniforms that can add up, but also the cost of cleaning them. Whether you’re a restaurant, hospital, or even an office building, having a professional uniform cleaning service can reduce your costs and hassle—and help your employees look professional, too. Win win!

With EcoClean, keeping your employee’s uniforms in top condition is easy and affordable. We offer wet cleaning for uniforms as well as laundry services for all types of commercial laundering needs. Our professional staff will treat your uniforms with care and deliver them back to you on time, clean, pressed, hand-finished, and ready to wear.

With our commercial laundry service, we can handle all laundry pickup, delivery, and management needs so you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics. We’re a service that works around your schedule—whether that means free same-day pickup and delivery or an extra set of hands during busy moments.

Wet Cleaning for Uniforms

So why use wet cleaning for your uniforms? Wet cleaning has many advantages over traditional dry cleaning, namely its eco-conscious, but a big plus is its efficacy at extending the life of garments. Uniforms are pricey to replace, and keeping them in top condition is a priority. Uniforms typically go through more wear-and-tear than regular everyday garments, especially if there are athletics involved, so a gentler wash is key.

Our wet cleaning detergents and solvents are gentler on clothes and do not require the use of chlorine bleach, which is instrumental in prolonging the strength of the uniforms fibers. Stains are no match for our powerful eco-friendly solvents, and are easily removed with the expertise of our cleaners. Tough dirt, grass, and stubborn grease stains are spot treated and removed effortlessly.

Once cleaned of stains and other debris, each uniform is pressed for a sharp, smooth finish.

To keep on top of your uniform cleaning service, set up a service with us today! If you need your uniform cleaned quickly we are happy to offer free same-day pickup and delivery. Feel free to call, email, or click here to set-up a plan.