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Dry Cleaning is Boring, Wet Cleaning is Better.

We don’t “dry clean” at EcoClean, we wet clean! Why do we do things different from traditional dry cleaners? Because wet cleaning is better for you, for the Austin community, and for your clothes! Wet cleaning allows you and your clothes to never come home with residual amounts of harsh and harmful chemicals such as perc. This should be especially important to you after The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency just deemed this chemical used by traditional dry cleaners as a “likely” human carcinogen.” Wet cleaning simply eliminates the entire risk of perc contaminating groundwater.

Your garments and clothes will not only be safer and healthier, but they will be cleaner too! Our elimination of the perc chemical at our store also allows your clothes to never develop that unattractive yellowy look that appears on your clothes after multiple dry cleans. Your clothes will also substantially fade less when you choose to clean your clothes with EcoClean. Perc damages the fabrics in your clothes and causes the original colors in them to begin to look dull and over worn. At Ecoclean, the fabrics in your clothes are able to uphold repeated washings with wet cleaning. Our wet cleaning process allows us to remove the toughest of stains that a traditional dry cleaner couldn’t fix! Your clothes will also never have that smelly “dry cleaned’ smell that is a result of other dry cleaners using perc when washing your things! With all of the benefits of wet cleaning, why would you ever go back to unsafe and boring dry cleaning?

– Taylor Eickenhorst