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Why To Dry Clean A Dress Before Putting It Away

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Whether you’re preparing to store your dresses for the season or returning them to your closet, taking your garments to the dry cleaners is key to keeping them fresh until they’re ready to be re-worn. There’s no better feeling than the confidence of taking your dress from its protective packaging with no fear of stains or smells and being able to wear it straight away. There are many great reasons to consider dry cleaning, so we’ve compiled a list of four reasons why you should consider dry cleaning your dresses before storage.




  1. Freshen Up Your Dresses


Dry cleaning your dresses and garments before putting them away is the best way to keep your treasured outfits fresh and clean for their next wearing. A trip to the dry cleaners right before storage ensures that all hidden odors or stains are taken care of and removed, preventing them from settling in and becoming harder to clean. Dry cleaning restores your clothes to pristine condition, so when you want to wear your favorite outfit it’s clean and ready to go.


  1. Prevent Antiperspirant Damage


Freshly applied antiperspirant and deodorant naturally rub off onto the pits of garments, leaving a tell-tale white mark that is apparent on darker fabrics. While these marks may seem inconspicuous, over time the antiperspirant may create a build-up within the fibers that can cause damage to the material and lighten dark areas. This is due to a chemical reaction between the proteins in our sweat and antiperspirant that creates a discolored stain that tends to stick around. Cleaning these stains is a breeze if treated quickly, but allowing the deodorants to settle into the pits of the dresses may lead to damage to the dress that is harder to fix. Spot treatment by our talented dry cleaning team can safely remove any deodorant or antiperspirant residue left behind to keep pits fresh.


  1. Avoid Insect Damage


There’s nothing worse than getting your beloved outfits out of storage and seeing that critters have loved them too. Pests love to hide out in our favorite clothes, wreaking havoc on the garments unnoticed until they’re time to be worn again. Stains and smells attract insects looking for an easy meal, turning your dresses into a bug buffet as they eat through fibers and create holes. Protect your dresses from insects like moths and silverfish by taking them to get dry-cleaned before packing them away. Dry cleaning successfully removes any bug eggs that may be lying dormant, so you can rest easy knowing your dresses will be in one piece when you’re ready for them. 


  1. Keep Out Sweat Stains


Over time, if untreated, sweat stains become pronounced and difficult to remove. Previously unnoticed sweat can set in with time and cause a yellow or gray discoloration that may ruin the dress–especially if the dress is a light color. Not only that, but sweat stains can produce an unpleasant odor that may permeate the rest of your closet. To prevent any unwelcome sweat stains from becoming worse and more pronounced over time, dry clean your dresses to guarantee stain-free and sweat-free garments.




Getting your dresses dry cleaned is made even easier with EcoClean’s free dry cleaning and pick-up service.  We’ve made it simple with an app that allows you to schedule your pick-up and delivery days and pay online- simply let us know your preferences and information and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even send real-time text alerts so you know when your items are picked up and when they’re delivered.

To sign up, feel free to visit us at one of our locations, or sign up online.