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40-acre dry cleaning bag

I wondered this morning if daredevil Fearless Felix Baumgartner had survived his Super Sonic Jump… turns out he postponed it because his giant ultra thin balloon may have be damaged.  Reading the the Huffington Post article, I had to laugh when they described the balloon as a “40-acre dry cleaner bag.”

 Dry cleaning bags are one of my pet peeves.  It is estimated that 300 million pounds of dry-cleaning bags end up in U.S. landfills and waterways annually.  The really sick part is that the bags are completely unnecessary.  A company called Green Garmento has created a reusable garment bag that is easy to use has the potential to end one of the environmental nightmares attributed to the dry cleaning industry: PLASTIC. 

 Made of recycled plastic, the Green Garmento bags offer the same garment protection as the plastic film bags, are more attractive, have added features (like a pocket for hangers to be returned for re-use, and most importantly, eliminate the need for disposable plastic. 

The bags are great and people are willing to change their habits, but the problem is that very few dry cleaners are willing to change their ways and implement new systems.

 Not us, EcoClean LOVES progress.

Big fans of the Green Garmento bag and the progressive company behind them, EcoClean began implementing the bags about two years ago. Since then over 1000 customers have made the switch.   That is a huge number of plastic bags that have not been introduced to the environment!  

So be a part of the solution and ask your local Austin dry cleaner to implement a reusable bag program…. Or better yet, become an EcoClean customer. Our environmental initiatives don’t stop at plastic!  Learn more on our website.

 Anyway, I’ll be relieved when the 40-acre dry cleaning bag saves Felix from himself and even happier when we save earth from the dry-cleaning bag.