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Yelp! Appreciation Week

This week, EcoClean is showing appreciation for some of the great reviews that we’ve received on Yelp! that have helped distinguish us as one of the best cleaners in Austin. We value feedback from our customers, and take great pride in the accolades that we have collected from our Yelp! reviewers. Here are some of our favorites:

“EcoClean is by far the best in Austin! I have to get a lot of my wardrobe professionally cleaned and I’ve always been more than happy with the results. Silk, material with embellishments, purses, dresses, work attire…everything has come back perfect. Other cleaners have pressed my clothes wrong, colours have bleed, changed the texture, etc. I haven’t had a single problem since going to EcoClean. It’s the only place I fully trust!” – Diana W.

“I’m SO impressed with their culture, their process and their product.  Mostly I’m impressed at how much they VALUE me and how they treat me. I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else. I’d give them a 6th star if I could, absolutely best place for service and clothes in Austin.” – Damion L.

“I am a huge fan of EcoClean, and it’s the only cleaners I’ve used in Austin in 4 years. When there is an extra tough spot, they always point it out and do their very best, often making it WAY better or getting rid of it altogether. On the one occasion when a shirt couldn’t be located upon pickup, they called me just a few hours later to say they’d found it and were holding it for me. The cost is worth the environmentally friendly process- most cleaners use highly toxic materials. Aside from being pleased with the service, I’m rating a 5 because I’ve noticed that EcoClean regularly gives to various non-profit events I’ve attended. Their coupons are part of silent auction packages or I see their name as sponsors in other ways. I appreciate their community involvement and love supporting their business!” – Chloe S.

“This is the best laundry and dry cleaner in town — and I say this with the authority of someone having lived in Austin since 1979.  They are very meticulous with my clothing and even will call me with questions.  They are also honest.  They take care to ensure that the process they use has a minimal impact on the environment, and even have a system that allows you to do without those plastic bags.  The staff are helpful and friendly — and some of them are even great musicians.” – Brad R.

“I have been using Ecoclean for about six months now and I am in love. Finally my clothes don’t have that funky “dry clean smell” that I had become so accustomed to. Also the chemicals they use at most other places would make me break out and at Ecoclean I haven’t had that problem. I highly recommend coming here if you know what I am talking about.” – Chris R. 


If you would like to find us on Yelp! please follow these links:

EcoClean on Guadalupe

EcoClean on South Lamar

EcoClean on West Anderson