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How To Clean Dry Blood Stains From Clothes

  Whether you’ve had a kitchen mishap while peeling vegetables or gotten a surprise nose bleed, blood happens. Cleaning fresh blood stains is simple, but what are you supposed to do when the blood has already set and dried into the garment? Removal is a little trickier, but no fret– with just a few steps […]

How To Remove An Ink Stain

  Ink stains are easy to come by, and while they may look permanent they can actually be quite straightforward to remove out of clothing.    If you’ve gotten a spot of ink on your clothes that you’d like to remove, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some helpful remedies to effectively remove […]

Ring Around The Collar

  There’s nothing more versatile than crisp, white, dress shirts, and their utility make them a closet staple. If you’ve ever worn a white or light colored shirt, however, you may have noticed a discolored ring form around the collar after a few wears. This ring can appear quite dingy, and can be unsightly. But […]

6 Reasons to Use a Drop-Off Laundry Service

Laundry can be an overwhelming errand for many, especially for those with big families that have piles of dirty clothes that need a clean. Give yourself a break from sorting and cleaning and consider using EcoClean’s drop-off laundry service. Our laundry team uses their expertise to thoroughly clean your clothing and household linens so you […]

How To Get Dry Cleaning Smell Out Of Clothes

  Traditional dry cleaning has long been proven to thoroughly clean garments, but if you’ve recently gotten your clothes dry cleaned you may have noticed a distinct, potentially unpleasant odor. The smell has been compared to kerosene, and for many this smell is bothersome. Luckily, we have a few easy tips and tricks to rid […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Location on North Lamar!

We are excited to officially announce the opening of our fourth store next to People’s Pharmacy and across from Central Market on North Lamar. Since 2010, EcoClean management has focused on expanding its service to the neighborhoods and communities that support its vision. We are excited to now be stationed closer to the Rosedale and […]

EcoClean’s Earth Day Special!

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and EcoClean is celebrating with a special offer to our customers! For every 5 pounds of hangers you bring in to one of our stores to recycle tomorrow, we’ll give you $5 store credit (up to $25)!  So start gathering your hangers tonight, and we’ll see you on Earth Day!