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Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Ever notice that after being dry cleaned several times, your white clothes start to develop a yellowish color? (Hint: It’s from the yucky chemicals that dry cleaners in Austin use.) Don’t let that happen with your wedding dress. If you’ve already had your wedding dress dry cleaned, don’t fret.  Wet cleaning, our eco-friendly dry cleaning method, will restore your wedding dress to its original white condition. Dry cleaners wedding dress capabilities are not created equal. You will see the difference with EcoClean, Austin's best and local wedding dress cleaners.

After all of the time and effort you spent searching and saving for that perfect dress, you owe it to yourself to take care of it in the best way possible!  Leave it us to make your dress as good as new, the eco-friendly way, and preserve it as a keepsake to forever remind you of your special day. Green dry cleaner wedding dress preservation services will keep your wedding dress preserved for a lifetime.

How much will it cost to have my wedding dress preserved?

Our head of Production will personally inspect your wedding dress and devise a special care and processing plan best-suited for its unique characteristics. She will then quote a price based on the time and labor needed to achieve the highest standards for preservation.

What will my dress look like once it has been preserved?

Your beautifully cleaned and pressed dress will be fitted over a display form and placed in a protective, acid-free box with a window for your viewing. We will also provide a second box to shield your dress from UV light.

Why have my dress preserved at Ecoclean?

We won't ship your wedding dress off to a plant like so many wedding dress dry cleaners do. You will have the opportunity for a personal consultation with the individual who guide your dress thru the preservation process.

We don't use the toxic solvents typical of wedding dress dry cleaners, which may cause your dress to yellow over time.

If you plan to pass your dress on to a friend or family member down the road, you can take comfort in knowing that it never came into contact with toxins or harmful chemicals because it was cleaned  by EcoClean, Austin's greenest wedding dress cleaners.