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SOS Alliance



The SOS Alliance is our December PROPS partner again this year.  We at EcoClean have a special affinity for this organization.   If you love Austin, clean water, cool dips on hot days, and people who make a difference everyday, then you probably love the SOS Alliance too.

For a quick intro to the SOS Alliance, visit this page and learn about what they do and the tremendous impact they have had on Edwards Aquifer water quality, public awareness, and the preservation of this city’s crown jewel, Barton Springs. 

Barton Springs is an endangered National Treasure and the SOS Alliance is the watchdog organization working diligently to SAVE OUR SPRINGS.  The following programs are the core of SOS Alliance’s mission:

  •  Education and Outreach

  •  Land and Water Stewardship

  •  Legal Advocacy for Aquifer Protection

  •  Preserving Biodiversity

  •  Sustainable Transportation


Protecting Barton Springs is a formidable task in the face of rapid growth and development in Austin but we believe it can be done and support the SOS Alliance their efforts.  Please consider joining us this month in raising funds for this amazing organization.  We will be giving 5% of our sales every Wednesday in December directly to the SOS Alliance.